BASILIO CONSULTING supports you in finding your dream employer!

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BASILIO CONSULTING supports you in finding your dream employer!

You are striving for a new professional perspective? With your qualified IT training, you would like to contribute your skills and experience to a company, that values ​​and promotes your achievements? Find an employer, that harmonizes with your personal and professional goals? Then we warmly welcome you to BASILIO CONSULTING!

As a boutique executive search firm, BASILIO CONSULTING specializes in the systematic direct search of specialists- and managers. In close cooperation with well-known companies from various industries, we are looking for highly qualified and motivated IT specialists. Our expertise enables us, to precisely understand the requirements and expectations of our customers. On this basis, we present you tailor-made job offers, that match your qualifications and interests.

On average we provide care for over 400 IT positions only in the DACH region, almost all of which are not published. (Inhouse- or consulting firm positions with travel or positions with a high proportion of home office). Some of our partner companies are also open to work from abroad.

Over 80% Our positions are approved, but there is no job description yet. This will probably never exist, as the positions are filled, before a job description is written by the responsible manager.

These “under the table” positions are not positions, which you can find on the well-known job portals. finds. We work almost exclusively with positions like this, where we are contacted directly by the partner company. Companies often do not have the capacity to receive many unsuitable applications, as is unfortunately the case with the published positions. Of course, we have key data/requirements from our clients for this position to be filled.

The advantage of positions without a job description is, that we communicate directly with the decision-makers there (The manager/CIO) to be able to speak. This means faster and more direct decisions are made and you receive a reason even if there is negative feedback, why the candidate was not a good fit.

Plus, there weren’t tons of candidates applying there. Which means less competition for our candidates and better chances of being one of the first candidates interviewed. Our candidates can therefore discuss their existing know-how and their ideas for the future directly with the decision-makers and are not forced into a rigid job description.

You can still help shape such positions and express your own wishes, because the position is only designed together with the candidate. Of course, the degree of participation varies from position to position. Sometimes completely new positions emerge, when the decision maker recognizes special knowledge or you have a new idea for use in the company.

How does the BASILIO CONSULTING placement process work??

It is our aim, To make your path to your desired position as uncomplicated as possible. We provide you with a comprehensive service for this purpose, which includes the following steps:

1. BASILIO CONSULTING advises you: We take the time in an individual conversation, Your current professional situation, Looking at desires and goals. We analyze your CV and offer advice on how to optimize your application documents. We also inform you about current trends and developments on the job market, to provide you with comprehensive advice on your career options.

2. BASILIO CONSULTING is looking for suitable positions for you: We search our extensive networks for suitable job offers at our partner companies. We carefully examine the requirement profiles and only present you with offers, that match your qualifications and interests. We will contact potential employers for you and coordinate appointments for interviews. We prepare you comprehensively for these discussions and are available to assist you personally on site if necessary.

3. BASILIO CONSULTING accompanies and coaches you: We accompany you through the entire recruiting process and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our interview coaching is now legendary and has helped many applicants, to be able to look at the whole “application game” with completely different eyes.

We provide you with honest feedback on your applications and work to ensure the best conditions in your employment contract, because our commission is calculated based on your target salary. You will always be kept up to date with the progress of your application, and even after the employment contract has been signed, we are still there for you.

Working with BASILIO CONSULTING offers you numerous advantages:

1. Your time gain: You no longer have to spend time searching for suitable job offers. We take on this task and only present you suitable offers, that meet your criteria. This will save you valuable time and effort in your job search.

2. Choice of holidays, that you won't find on the market itself, because these are not published. For these positions, we are contacted directly by our partner companies on a daily basis with specific job requirements. These are mostly positions, for which a job description has not yet been created. So you would be one of the first applicants in the application process there.

3. BASILIO CONSULTING success guarantee:  Thanks to our extensive network of partner companies in various industries, the continuously qualified IT specialist- and look for managers, we offer a guarantee for your success. With our deep market understanding of our customers' needs, we can provide you with targeted job offers, which significantly increase your chances of a successful application.

4. No costs for you: As an applicant, you will not incur any fees through our placement. We receive our commission from the partner companies, as soon as we have found a suitable candidate for you. Therefore, you do not incur any costs for using our service.

5. Tailored care: We treat each applicant individually, and we take his special wishes into consideration. When selecting job offers, we take your personal preferences into account and offer you individual advice. We respect your freedom of choice and do not put any pressure on you, Because sometimes the perfect position takes several months to arrive.

Our offer to you:

If you are looking for a career change, your qualifications, interests and goals, then BASILIO CONSULTING is your ideal partner. This is our goal, To help you, to find the perfect employer, who recognizes and promotes your achievements. We strive to provide a comprehensive service, To enable you to achieve the success you desire. If you are specialist- or have management experience and can demonstrate specialist qualifications, don't hesitate, to contact our advisors. Our service is aimed specifically at experienced IT specialists- and managers, as this is the only way to ensure professional processing.

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