Avoid typical mistakes when setting up specialists- and managers in the IT sector

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Avoid typical mistakes when setting up specialists- and managers in the IT sector

The recruitment of specialists- and managers is one of the central challenges for every company. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made, which leads to frustration, This can lead to loss of time and financial burdens. In this blog post we would like to introduce you to some of the most common errors, you when hiring specialist- and managers should avoid. We also show, how BASILIO CONSULTING can help you, Identify the best talent for your company.

Mistake 1: A poor job advertisement

The job advertisement is your company's first encounter with potential applicants. They should be understandable, be formulated explicitly and attractively, to arouse the interest of suitable candidates. An inadequate job advertisement can lead to this, that either too few or too many applications are received, that do not meet the requirements. To avoid that, you should consider the following points:

  • Formulate the tasks and goals of the vacancy as precisely as possible.
  • Specify qualifications, Experiences and skills, that you expect from applicants.
  • Emphasize your company's key features and all its benefits, the employees are offered.
  • Avoid making demands that are too high or too low, that could seem unrealistic or intimidating.
  • Use concise language without abbreviations.

BASILIO CONSULTING is happy to assist you, to create a tailor-made job advertisement, that arouses the interest of your target group and underlines the strengths of your company.

Mistake 2: A long Application process

The time, which is required for the application process, has a significant influence on the motivation of applicants. The long response times or lack of feedback can lead to this, that candidates' interest wanes or they apply elsewhere. researches show, that the ideal application process should last between a maximum of two and four weeks. A waiting period of more than six weeks, to make a decision, should be avoided at all costs and is counterproductive. About one in five applicants (21 percent) indicates, having already turned down a job, because the selection process took too long for him.

This ensures that applications are processed quickly and efficiently, you should consider the following aspects:

  1. Define a precise timeline for all phases of the application process.
  2. Keep applicants informed of this timing throughout.
  3. Please note the set timing for interviews, Assessments or feedback and adhere to them bindingly.
  4. Keep applicants continually updated on the current status of their application.
  5. Give candidates honest and constructive feedback.

BASILIO CONSULTING is at your side, to support you in planning and implementing an efficient application process, who appeals to your ideal candidates and gets them excited about your company.

Mistake 3: Inadequate transmission of information

Interaction with applicants is a crucial aspect of the success of your hiring decisions. Effective communication promotes trust, the sympathy and loyalty between you and the candidates. In contrast, poor or missing communication can lead to misunderstandings, Lead to disappointment and frustration. To prevent this, is it important, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Always treat applicants in a friendly manner in all phases of the application process, polite and respectful.
  • Take care, that you are reachable, and respond quickly to applicants’ inquiries or messages.
  • Always act honestly and transparently about your expectations, Conditions and decisions made.
  • Show professionalism, by observing and complying with current data protection and equal treatment laws and guidelines.
  • Express your appreciation, by thanking applicants for their interest and efforts.

BASILIO CONSULTING is at your disposal, to support you in this, Maintain positive communication with applicants throughout the application process. Such communication contributes to this, Strengthen the image of your company and increase your reputation.

Mistake 4: An incorrect assessment of the applicant's skills

An objective and well-founded assessment of skills, Potential, The talents and soft skills of the applicants are crucial. An incorrect assessment could lead to this, that you hire unsuitable candidates or overlook the right talent. To prevent this, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Formulate clear and relevant criteria for evaluating applicants.
  • Use valid and reliable approaches to assess skills, such as tests, Assessments or a trial day.
  • Conduct structured and consistent interviews, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the respective vacancy.
  • In addition to the professional qualifications, you should also consider the interpersonal and personal skills of the applicants.
  • Consider obtaining an additional opinion or external expertise, to validate your decision.

BASILIO CONSULTING offers you support in implementing a thorough and differentiated assessment of applicants. This ensures, that you receive the basis for a safe and long-term decision when selecting new employees.

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